Fodele Village

Fodele Village

06/10/2019 Places to Visit

Domenicos Theotokopoulos a.k.a “El Greco”, the famous painter, sculptor and architect was born in Fodele in 1541 a.d.  and lived in Toledo, Spain.

El Greco is best known for his tortuously elongated figures painted in phantasmagorical pigmentation, which almost resembled chalk with its blunt vividness.

Drawing upon Byzantine tradition while incorporating a Mannerist’s veer from reality, these abstracted, expressionist forms established a new visual dialogue that broke away from traditional modes of representation in Classical art.

There is a small museum is dedicated to him. Underneath a 1000 year old plane tree you will also find a memorial of the great painter. The village itself is beautiful, full of orange trees, lemon trees, wild trees, waters and caves, crossed by Pantomantri River and surrounded by a natural oasis. Within a small distance west of the village square is the small settlement of Arhontiko with the house where El Greco was born and passed its childhood.
Near the museum is the 14th century Byzantine church of Panagia (Holy Mother) with beautiful murals. It is built on the site of an older, 8th century church, of which only a few architectural traces can still be seen. It is said that this church inspired El Greco to express his feelings with religious themes and sacred items.